Where To Buy Gluten Free Food For Kids

If you have discovered that your toddler has Celiac Disease, or an intolerance to gluten, knowing where to buy gluten free food for kids can be a challenge. When my wife and I discovered that our young son has Celiac, we had no idea where to shop. We instantly went to a specialty store that features organic products. This is one good place to go but items there tend to be expensive and there are other options.

As I mentioned above, organic food stores are a place to go when you are looking for specialty items that you can’t find at a regular store. There are stores that only sell gluten free items as well but you may not have one close by to you. Once again, this is a more expensive option but you may find a couple of items that you won’t find elsewhere.

Your local grocery store may have a GF section. SuperValu Inc. which owns Cub Foods, russian grocery Albertons, and Farm Fresh feature a good sized section dedicated to food that does not contain gluten. I have a Cub Foods where I live, and I am not sure about the other SuperValu stores but assume they have similar products. You can find cookies, cake and pancake mix, frozen pizza, crackers, and bread. Gluten free food is always going to be more expensive but should be cheaper than at a specialized store like I mentioned. I have noticed that just in the last year, that Cub Foods has added a lot of new items.

My family shops a lot at Target just because they seem to have some of the best prices on food. I have not seen a dedicated GF section but one great item they carry is Annie’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese. Where I live, this sells for about 2 dollars a box. At the grocery store it is almost double that. So a trip to Target is worth it just to stock up on this. If your child doesn’t like cheese, you can still use the noodles and pour spaghetti sauce or butter them. Remember, a lot of foods are naturally gluten free (most dairy, most meats, vegetables, fruit, most spaghetti sauce) and many Targets feature a pretty large grocery section. You will also find GF cereal, such as Chex or Fruity Pebbles, usually at the lowest price in town.

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