Product Creation Success: Develop a Powerful Product Funnel

If you’re growing your product creation business, you need to develop a powerful funnel. Your ebooks and other materials are more powerfully attractive to your customers if they fill their growing needs.

Your marketing funnel also keeps your customers loyal to you.

If your funnel has been properly constructed, your customers will buy not just one but many products from you. Let’s look at how you might develop a powerful product funnel.

Think about what the funnel looks like. It’s quite broad, slopes down, and then narrows quite sharply. This illustrates that when you develop your funnel, clickfunnels platinum pricing you need to have one or several low-priced, popular ebooks to offer your customers. These ebooks (or other materials) should provide great value.

Here are some tips which will help you to develop your funnel.

1. Go Beyond the Obvious: Add Value

When creating your funnel, especially the first products which will be low-priced, you need to go beyond the obvious and make those products huge value.

Buying the your eBook should be a no-brainer for your target market.

There are various ways to add value. For example, you can add a video program to any book, or you can create the entire package as a course and send it out on DVD and with hard copy as well.

You wouldn’t make very much money on this initial offering. However your aim with these high-value initial offering is not to make a huge profit. It’s to build your funnel.

2. Your Next Product Helps Your Customers Take the Next Step

When you’re constructing a funnel, you want as many customers to enter it as possible. All your customers should be in the same niche. That is, if your first eBook is in the health area, you wouldn’t expect those customers to be interested in a business ebook.

Ideally, you’d plan your entire funnel before you created the first product. However, most product producers don’t think in terms of creating a set of materials.

If you’ve already created several ebooks, think about how you could convert them into a product funnel.

3. Boost the Value With Coaching

Many people buy information in eBook form and never get full value. They find the eBook too challenging, and because they don’t have someone who’s willing to help them, they give up on their dream.

Therefore, customer service needs to be a huge part of your business. Your customers are buying your materials for a reason, and you need to help them to get the results they want.

Have your customer service set up well so that you respond in a timely manner to any enquiries. Add additional materials to help your customers, and your customer list will grow.

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