Moving Your Company to New Offices? Or Is Office Refurbishment Another Solution?

If your lease is coming to an end, or you have a break coming up you may be thinking about moving offices. As you consider whether you need bigger or more modern offices, why not also think about whether your existing space would work better for you if it was completely refurbished? Often despite having offices fitted out on occupation, as companies grow the space is filled up in a rather ad-hoc manner. This results in potentially untidy and inefficient use of the work areas, which can give the false impression that more space is required. Office refurbishment is a popular solution to space management, particularly in London where property rents remain high.

By refurbishing the space, you will save on relocation costs, retain staff that may not be able to travel to a new location and be where your customers have grown used to finding you. Other benefits include raising your corporate image to visiting clients, being able to provide an improved working environment for staff and incorporate more modern and environmentally friendly infrastructures. Often refurbishments can be carried out in a phased manner so by some staff remote working, the project can be carried out in phases without you having to vacate the space entirely. This is particularly useful if you are in the middle of a major project yourselves or have some staff that must be office based.

With intelligent space planning and interior design, work space can be maximized. If storage is a key issue, then a number of solutions are available including a rolling office refurbishment company storage system, storage wall and bespoke cabinetry. Modern desking systems accommodate the need to maximize space and often incorporate integral solutions for storage. The shape of desking alone can have a huge impact on how the space works. Once the problem of “do we have enough space” has been resolved, other improvements can be considered. New silicon jointed glass partitioning will offer more light through the office and can incorporate corporate branding or associated images. New air conditioning will improve the environment, as might PIR lighting which will also reduce energy consumption. New kitchen facilities could incorporate both chilled filtered water and instant boiling water negating the need for kettle and water coolers which also take up floor space and storage. These staff areas often double up as break-out areas offering staff the opportunity to get away from the work environment for short periods and can incorporate wi-fi areas.

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